Hey, I'm Hana.

Photographer. Visionary Storyteller. World Traveller. 

I am driven by the desire to tell powerful stories that empower people to create change within themselves and the world around them.

I was once a digital designer & worked on award winning projects for big brand clients in London. After landing my dream job & working 5 years in industry a shift in my lift took place that illuminated all the dreams I had yet to follow. I left London to travel the world.

A spiritual journey unfolded where I learned who I really was underneath layers of conditioning & what passions & dreams most fueled me. I made a commitment to my spiritual evolution, to my path as an artist, and the exploration of my creative vision. For the last 3 years I have been living my dream life as a nomadic artist & photographer.

I learned and refined the art of following my intuition and live in a state of Flow, every day stepping into the discomfort of my fears & the unknown, devoted to this path & purpose. In return, I experience magic beyond anything I once thought possible. Ultimate freedom, infinite potential.

I live in this way so that I can share stories from a place of
authenticity, experience & truth.