The Expansion of Consciousness

Yoga Is, 

It’s not about exercising the body, 
but becoming witness to the mind.
Observing the madness of patterns,
that cling to the past & grasp for the future.
Resistance to rest in the peace of the presence.
It’s about expanding the consciousness
& awakening to something greater.
A path that connects you with your own true nature.
Deepening the intimacy with the self, 
Learning to listen to intuition.
Tuning into the heart, to the Subtle Sensations.
Redirecting the attention within,
to unravel the stories,
question who we really are.
Self enquiry that leads to, seeing beyond self.
The illusion of identity, attachment to personality.
Slowly, shedding the layers,
Letting go.
Releasing space to embrace,
our inner essence.
A quiet stillness
of limitless potential. 
Singing in love,
beyond imagination.
No one to be, no need to succeed.
Just bliss in Being, resting, in the pure presence
of the Here & Now.
Dissolving into Divinity.

Yoga Is,
Bridging the gap between mind & heart. 
Between each other as beings,
All religions & belief systems.
Not one way, not one view, 
but that we are one & Love is key,
Love is the answer & Love is we.
The more we Love, the more we are able to Love.
So let Love ripple out through all aspects of your life,
And allow separation to dissolve,
into the interconnectedness of all.
The Oneness,
Expanding into Nothingness.

Yoga Is, 
Deconditioning & Reconditioning.
Uncovering the samskaras of our past. 
It’s rechanneling the energy. 
Changing your words, rewiring the brain.
Shifting belief systems, creating new patterns.
It’s a path & its a practice. 
The cycle of learning, and forgetting.
A rollercoaster ride, with nowhere to hide. 
But once the path opens there is no returning,
for what flows into life is worth every challenging moment.
An irreversible shift,
An unforgettable sense of knowing. 
The experience of awakening to bliss.
& through glimpses of enlightenment,
life shines in the altered light of a new perspective.
Colours brighter, images clearer, more profound. 
Not seeking or expecting, 
Just accepting all that is,
Needing nothing more & nothing else.
Witnessing the beauty of nature, the wonder of the world, 
the miracle of life and it’s place within the universe.
Opening connection with the divine, 
with something greater that can guide,
forces, energies incomprehensible to our human mind.
Questions arise, beyond science. 
Sometimes its about letting go of what we can’t understand
And being open to possibilities beyond our imagination.
As magical synchronicities so clearly align,
There isn’t much choice to believe, or not,
For the profoundness of experience is enough.
Life fuller & richer,
Flowing & overflowing,
in a new rhythm,
of deep connection & meaning.

& When it comes to changing the world & making a difference,
Many people feel small & insignificantly helpless.
Unable & unmotivated to find significant ways to contribute.
Yet, we can ALL build towards a more sustainable future,
When we go inside & create conscious change from within,
So we can raise our children, to be conscious from the start.
To walk in love, compassion, forgiveness & gratitude.
To live & collaborate in community, in cycle with the earth.
Equally happy living with less & thus opening the door to more...

Yoga Is, 
Yoga Is, 
Yoga Is, 
the Expansion of,